Capricci Bruine rijst - Haver 250gr GV/VEGAN

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Libera is a delicate pasta, which allows you to feel light but full of energy thanks to the properties of the used flour:

Brown Rice

a polyfunctional cereal, which is useful in case of constipation, suitable for those suffering from diabetes and during controlled diets (due to its low glycemic index), rich of antioxidant properties and configured as a protector of the colon


a source of slowly digested carbohydrate that gives energy to our body in the long term. Rich in Beta-Glucan food, contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of blood cholesterol. The beneficial effect is obtained with the 3g daily of beta-glucans from oats, oat bran, barley or barley bran. One portion of pasta Libera (= 100 g), contains 1.08g of beta-glucans.

  • Ingredienten

    Bruine rijst 50%, Haver 50%

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