Spices with their flavors. Fresh and fragrant taste of basil and marjoram combined with yellow corn flour to enjoy the Mediterranean in a bite.

Simple and tasty even without any added.


Who doesn't know the scent of basil? A pasta (gluten-free) with tomato and basil sauce or with pesto is a quick but tasteful solution for a good lunch. The glycemic index of this plant is very low, so it can be easily combined with any food even in case you need to pay attention to the rate of sugars. The content of vitamins and minerals present in this plant is also high. It is rich in omega 3 with important anti-inflammatory properties.


Marjoram is an ancient aromatic plant. Used by the Greeks and Romans in ancient times to treat muscle and joint pain, today it is widely used in medicine as well as in the kitchen. Rich in nutritional properties and vitamin C, it is attributed antispasmodic and digestive properties.

Pappardelle Oregano-Basilicum 250gr GV/VEGAN

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  • maismeel 97%, marjolein 1.5%, basilicum 1.5%

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