Tagliatelle Gember-Peper-Citroen 250gr GV/VEGAN

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Brown rice pasta with spicy and stimulating taste, thanks to the addition of ginger, pepper and Lemon Essential Oil.


known as a spice of a thousand healing properties, is configured as a tonic, digestive, anti-inflammatory, is good for the digestive system and stimulates the immune system. It is also beneficial for the heart, because it has good anticoagulant capacity, decreases the cholesterol levels in the blood and blood pressure, according to some scientific studies.

Black pepper

a considerable ally to boost your metabolism and aid digestion, facilitating the absorption of nutrients allowing you to take energy from the ingested food. Thanks to the property to stimulate thermogenesis, is considered an excellent adjuvant in slimming diets.

Lemon Essential Oil

with detoxifying power, is also an antiseptic, purifying, anti-anemic, astringent and anti-inflammatory. If inhaled, through aromatherapy, it has calming properties, and helps against anxiety disorders, nervousness and headaches. A real sensory experience!


    bruine rijst 97%, gember 2%, peper en citroen 1%

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