Tagliolini Erwten - Mais 250gr GV/VEGAN BIO

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The recipe combines pea flour with white corn for a delicate result.

This pasta will amaze you with its pleasant taste, appreciable both in white and with more elaborate sauces.

Recommended pairings:

we recommend combinations with simple ingredients. The decision is yours to combine strong or delicate flavors.

mint, basil, leek, lemon (peel), zucchini, eggplant.


Peas should never be missing from a balanced diet and are among the most across-the-board legumes: from appetizers to desserts peas are suitable for everything! Rich in potassium, phosphorus and low in calories, they with low-calories and ideals for low-fat diets.

  • Ingredienten

    BIO Erwten 51%, BIO Mais 49%

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